Our consultants understand that the success of a project is often determined by its integration with the wider environment and its attractiveness to the local community, regulators, funders and other stakeholders. We also know a lot about environmental risks. Here we provide the expertise that enables our clients to negotiate the potential risks efficiently and with confidence, protecting the value of their assets.

  • Due diligence studies and site assessments
  • Master planning
  • Environmental & social impact assessments (EIA, ESIA, HSEIA)
  • Environmental and social management system (ESMS)
  • Air quality and noise modelling
  • Habitat and biodiversity management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Socio-economic studies and stakeholder engagement
  • Soil and water resources studies
  • Waste and resource management
  • Project management

Good communication is integral to the way we work, we clarify and decode complex environmental issues, provide analysis and documentation and often represent our clients to regulators and to stakeholders.
We assist our clients in all stages of projects. Our approach is client focused, underpinned by strong project management, stakeholder engagement and effective communication.
Our consultants are scientists and engineers with considerable long-term experience in a wide range of specialisms, working with developers, industry managers,
planners and other relevant authorities. Engineers and scientists work together from the earliest stages of a project, making the best use of their thorough scientific understanding of both natural and urban environments. We combine advanced modelling techniques with legislative expertise and commercial experience, creating projects that work with and improve the environment around us.

MAB-EC has a strong team in environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA) and Master planning. We deliver our clients’ visions, while enhancing the environmental credentials & sustainable performance of their developments and their reputations in the process. Our experience spans a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial & residential real estate, urban & regional planning, industry, infrastructure, mining & mineral processing, waste, power generation, renewable energy and oil & gas exploration and production.

Clear understanding of the complex processes, standards and legislation underpinning EIA projects nationally and ESIA projects internationally. Robust management of the often conflicting demands of clients, funders, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders. Ability to mobilize local resources and expertise to ensure local relevance and realize the projects socio-economic benefits. Technical excellence in delivering and transferring best practice solid commercial underpinning, which delivers value through enhanced client reputation, flexibility and certainty of outcome. Public participation to strengthen projects and reduce potential impacts, including public consultation meetings to involve local residents and non-governmental organizations. Constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities to ensure an appropriate scope and focus, to facilitate the permitting process and minimize delays and cost.

MAB-EC provides the following services:

  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Site and route alternative analysis
  • Environmental impact identification studies
  • ESIA strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and support
  • Scoping
  • Environmental, social and health impact assessments
  • Biodiversity action plan development and implementation
  • Environmental and social management system (ESMS) development and implementation data environmental assessment and analysis will be based on the following surveys and assessments:
  • Archaeology & cultural heritage
  • Socioeconomics
  • Noise
  • Air quality
  • Terrestrial ecology
  • Marine coastal environment
  • Groundwater
  • Solid waste
  • Surface water
  • Traffic & transportation
  • Natural hazards
  • Land use
  • Public health

By completing the environmental assessment, the environmental and social master planning will be completed by different response plans based on the client vision such as:

  • Water response plans
  • Air response plans
  • Waste response plans
  • Land use response plan
  • Energy and climate response plan
  • Outreach program
  • Cost benefit analysis methodology
  • Legal and institutional report
  • Management report