Environmental Risk assessment and analysis

MAB-EC team provides ecological risk assessment, natural resource consulting, nature restoration, nature survey & monitoring, ecosystem services and marine science. Our integrated environmental, economic & engineering services balance environmental protection and societal needs. We bring each engagement a deep understanding of the social, regulatory, ecosystem and stakeholder benefits achievable by preserving or restoring lands, waterways and managing natural resource assets in a financially, socially and legally responsible manner.

We conduct assessments to evaluate the relative benefits of remediation options at contaminated sites, screen new chemicals prior to commercial production, evaluate risks of agricultural & industrial chemicals, and characterize threats to valued ecological resources.

Our engineers, ecologist and risk assessment specialists have extensive expertise in planning, implementation and oversight of investigation, assessment, remediation, restoration of ports & waters challenged by navigability concerns and contaminated sediments.

We conduct baseline studies and spill/accident response studies to evaluate the impact of land & resource development projects, industrial accidents on ecosystem services, functions and both indigenous & protected and sensitive aquatic life.