Air quality management (monitoring and modelling)

MAB-EC’s air quality team applies cutting-edge science and methodologies to the development of tailored solutions to facility, local and regional air quality issues. Our practice is characterized by the highest level of technical and scientific skills, informed by the specific needs of our clients. We offer our clients:

  • Modelling capabilities including expertise with numerous air quality models, including AERMOD and CalPuff
  • Specific expertise in measuring emissions from a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to glass, cement, steel and incineration
  • Estimation of emissions from transport sector and fugitive

Air Toxics Health Risk Assessment

  • Strategic approaches to solving regulatory issues
  • Air toxics impacts analysis from industrial facilities or expansions, contaminated sites and EIAs/EISs/EIRs
  • Integrated risk management to inform air quality decision

Indoor Air Quality

Our approach starts from a fundamental understanding of the building and the occupants. We have experts in construction methods, construction materials and building technology including ventilation. Our services include air sampling (Biologics, air toxics and chemicals), sample analysis and recommendations for air quality improvement.