Working with Municipalities, utilities, and industrial clients we draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create innovative, sustainable and livable solutions for our customers and society.

We delivers a wide range of water-related counselling; from early phase strategic analyses and project scoping to designing and implementing infrastructure solutions.

We always strive to take a holistic approach and create innovative and creative solutions. As consultants, we take our point of departure in creating value for society and we treat water as an extremely important resource.

The present situation requires adaptation to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Both mitigation of and adaption to climate change call for a holistic, cross-boundary, cross discipline approach, involving many sectors, such as transport, energy, infrastructure, urban development and natural resource use, together with protection of natural systems and the wider environment.

  • Adapting to Climate Change

     It is generally accepted that global warming will lead to a rise in global sea level, increasing the risk of flooding in low-lying, coastal regions. An increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather patterns will further increase this risk, contributing to flooding from rivers and from urban drainage systems of insufficient capacity.


    These challenges call for adaptive measures in river basin management, water supply, storm- and wastewater management and agriculture, to name just a few. Modelling and risk assessment of flooding from the sea, from rivers and drainage systems allows our customers to make informed decisions about future investments. Environmentally and financially sustainable solutions rely on an evaluation of flood risk and costs for climate adaptation. Investment in climate-adapted buildings and infrastructure can help to safeguard standards of living and can avoid undesirable human and material costs from extreme weather and flooding.

    • Modeling capabilities

    • Specific expertise in a wide variety of industries, including, glass, steel,  transportation and waste management

    • Expertise with numerous air quality models, including AERMOD and CalPuff

    • Integrated risk management for air quality decision making, informed by sophisticated toxicological expertise

  • We assess flooding potential from all sources, including coastal waters, rivers, surface water, groundwater, and man-made structures such as reservoirs, overland flow, site drainage and public sewers.

    We have an in-depth understanding of how flooding can affect a development and we clearly communicate flood risks to clients and project design team members. This ensures that, in close cooperation with the landscape architects, traffic planners, road and tunnel engineers, biologists, geologists, geographers, economists  etc.,  flood risks are understood, fully assessed and appropriately mitigated, and that the full potential of a site is maximized.

    Our clients include cities, utility companies, developers, private land owners, property managers, investors and insurers. We provide services to government's Environment Agencies and to local authorities and county councils.

    Our services include:

    Hydrological assessment and surveys

    Due diligence studies, master planning and site proposals

    Stakeholder engagement

    Cost benefit analyses

    Socio-economic calculations

    Flood risk assessment

    Strategic master plans and investment planning

  • We support manufacturing and utility clients throughout the world with process design, technology selection, equipment specification, tender appraisal, permitting, planning, construction management, start-up, and commissioning, and operations.

    Our technical services provide for cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems in the face of increasingly stringent external and internal performance expectations.


    Technology Selection and Operations

    We offer comprehensive bench-scale and pilot-scale investigations to select the most appropriate water and wastewater treatment technologies. Our process design engineering centred approach combines the elements of master planning, source control, and technology evaluation and selection, thereby generating the most cost-effective process design for a specific application. Process designs and feasibility studies include process optimization evaluations, mass balances (flow, organics, nitrogen, solids, and salt), detailed process flow diagrams, and process instrumentation diagrams.


    Specific engineering service areas include

    •Treatability testing to enable technology evaluation and selection

    •Commissioning, startup and continued technical support in operations

    •Operations troubleshooting including microscopic analyses

    •Operations training, performance assessments and energy audits

    •Facility water, mass, and energy balances and audits

    •Water reuse and recycle strategy


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