In a sector that can change the world we live in for the better, we are active in improving lives and communities.

Our consultants understand that the success of a project is often determined by its integration with the wider environment and its attractiveness to the local community, regulators, funders and other stakeholders. We also know a lot about environmental risks. Here we provide the expertise that enables our clients to negotiate the potential risks efficiently and with confidence, protecting the value of their assets.

Good communication is integral to the way we work: we clarify and decode complex environmental issues, provide analysis and documentation, and often represent our clients to regulators and to stakeholders.

We assist our clients in all stages of projects. Our approach is client focused, underpinned by strong project management, stakeholder engagement and effective communication.

Our consultants are scientists and engineers with considerable long-term experience in a wide range of specialism's, working with developers, industry managers, planners and other relevant authorities. Engineers and scientists work together from the earliest stages of a project, making the best use of their thorough scientific understanding of both natural and urban environments. We combine advanced modelling techniques with legislative expertise and commercial experience - creating projects that work with, and improve the environment around us.


  • MAB air quality team applies cutting-edge science and methodologies to the development of tailored solutions to facility, local and regional air quality issues.
    Our practice is characterized by the highest level of technical and scientific skills, informed by the specific needs of our clients. We offer our clients:

    • Modeling capabilities

    • Specific expertise in a wide variety of industries, including, glass, steel,  transportation and waste management

    • Expertise with numerous air quality models, including AERMOD and CalPuff

    • Integrated risk management for air quality decision making, informed by sophisticated toxicological expertise

  • MAB team comprises chemical, civil engineers, meteorologists, atmospheric and analytic chemists, statisticians, industrial hygienists, risk assessors. We can provide:

    • Strategic approaches to solving regulatory issues

    • Air toxics impacts analysis from:

    • Industrial facilities or expansions

    • Contaminated sites

    • EIAs/EISs/EIRs

  • MAB team is experience in analyzing emissions and dispersion evaluation, and human health risk assessment to provide cost-effective ambient air monitoring program design and implementation. Air toxics monitoring programs can be used to:

    • Assess ongoing neighbourhood safety

    • Assess the impact of emissions from industrial facilities

    • Advise the short-term and/or long-term potential hazard posed by a contaminated site

  • Our approach starts from a fundamental understanding of the building, and the people inside the building. We have experts in construction methods, construction materials and building technology, including ventilation. Our services include air sampling (biologics, air toxics, chemical), sample analysis and recommendations for air quality improvement.

  • Whether originating from transportation, industrial, commercial or other sources, noise can significantly affect human health and the environment. We offer a full range of environmental noise consulting services to assist both industry and government in addressing and managing environmental noise challenges.

  • MAB team provides ecological risk assessment, natural resource consulting, nature restoration, nature survey and monitoring, ecosystem services and marine science.

    Our integrated environmental, economic and engineering services balance environmental protection and societal needs. We bring to each engagement a deep understanding of the social, regulatory, ecosystem and stakeholder benefits achievable by preserving or restoring lands and waterways and managing natural resource assets in a financially, socially and legally responsible and transparent manner.

  • We conduct assessments to evaluate the relative benefits of remediation options at contaminated sites, screen new chemicals prior to commercial production, evaluate risks of agricultural and industrial chemicals, and characterize threats to valued ecological resources.

  • MAB team provides world-class expertise in natural resource management, ecosystem service analysis, biodiversity and environmental restoration services to business and the regulatory.  Our approach is aligned with the environmental sustainability and the triple-bottom-line paradigm, described in the United Nations 2005 Millennium Assessment. We have extensive experience adapting rehabilitation and protection strategies to national and international environmental requirements.

  • Our engineers, ecologists and risk assessment specialists have extensive expertise in planning, implementation and oversight of investigation, assessment, remediation and restoration of ports and waterways challenged by navigability concerns and contaminated sediments.

    Our team is capable of developing:

    Scientifically defensible sediment quality guidelines (SQGs),

    Sediment management goals and achievable remediation performance standards.

    We use both screening-level and detailed assessment techniques to evaluate chemical, biological and habitat conditions and to identify issues affecting different management options.


    We use a variety of investigation methods depending on waterway-specific conditions and the regulatory context, including sediment sampling and analysis, toxicity testing, benthic community and wildlife surveys, habitat suitability characterization, fish sampling, amphibian egg mass surveying, avian nest monitoring, sediment transport modeling and historical research.

    Develop effective long-term monitoring plans to demonstrate environmental improvement.

  • MAB freshwater and marine ecologists, water chemists and fisheries scientists provide public resource agencies and businesses with technical expertise important to environmental permitting and compliance, environmental impact assessment, and both land use and resource development planning.

    We conduct baseline studies and spill/accident response studies to evaluate the impact of land and resource development projects and industrial accidents on ecosystem services and functions and both indigenous and protected or sensitive aquatic life.

  • MAB team skills can provide assessment and human health risk evaluation to help address the complex challenges of protecting human health in occupational, consumer and environmental settings.

    Our team can assess human exposures to chemicals that may occur on the job, through foods, drugs and from a wide array of consumer products, including fabrics, building materials and household products. Exposures also result from releases of chemicals into air, water and soils.

  • Defining risks to human health is fundamental to the safe manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of chemicals and products. When human health threats are identified, a number of actions may needed such as ingredients may have to be eliminated or substituted, contaminated environments may have to be remediated, processes re-engineered or workers may protections. Our team and engineers support clients with cost-effective options that are protective of human health and the environment.

  • MAB team is a leader in environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) and planning.  We deliver our clients’ visions, while enhancing the environmental credentials and sustainable performance of their developments and their reputations in the process.

    Our experience spans a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial and residential real estate, urban and regional planning, industry, infrastructure, mining and mineral processing, waste, power generation and renewables, and oil and gas exploration and production

    We bring the following value-added aspects to this complex process:

    Clear understanding of the complex processes, standards and legislation underpinning EIA projects nationally and ESIA projects internationally

    Robust management of the often conflicting demands of clients, funders, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders

    Ability to mobilize local resources and expertise to ensure local relevance and realize the project’s socio-economic benefits

    Technical excellence in delivering and transferring best practice

    Solid commercial underpinning, which delivers value through enhanced client reputation, flexibility and certainty of outcome

    Public participation to strengthen projects and reduce potential impacts, including public consultation meetings to involve local residents and non-governmental organizations


    Constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities to ensure an appropriate scope and focus, to facilitate the permitting process and minimize delays and cost


    MAB provides the following Services:

    • Project feasibility assessments

    • Site and route alternatives analysis

    • Environmental impact identification studies

    • ESIA strategy and planning

    • Stakeholder engagement planning and support

    • Scoping

    • Environmental, social and health impact assessments

    • Biodiversity action plan development and implementation

    • Environmental and social management system (ESMS) development and implementation


    Our Expertise

    •Biodiversity assessment

    •Coastal and marine biology

    •Cultural heritage assessment

    •Ecological risk assessment

    •Ecosystem services

    •Landscape and visual impact assessment

    •Noise impact assessment

    •Point source and regional air pollution dispersion modelling and assessment

    •Transport planning

    •Waste management

    •Water resources, including water quality, watershed studies, flood risk assessment and drainage design

    •Community health, safety and security assessment

    •Labor and working conditions

    •Socio-economic and socio-cultural assessment

    •Stakeholder engagement

    •Cumulative impact assessment

    •GIS master planning

  • Population growth, urbanization, global industrialization and the rise of water-intensive industries and increasing consumption all place pressure on the earth’s natural resources and energy supply.Effective waste management is central to a sustainable future and critical for the conservation of limited natural resources.

    MAB develop solutions to a broad range of waste management needs of our private- and public-sector clients. Our comprehensive services include:
    •Waste management planning•Waste management and landfill engineering•Waste minimization, recycling and reuse•Hazardous, radioactive and solid waste management•Landfill development and redevelopment•Wastewater-leachate management•Emissions reductions generation by methane capture•Master planning and strategy development•Waste quality surveys and analytics•Recycling studies on industrial by-products•Feasibility studies•Site investigations and facility localization•Environmental impact assessment of waste projects

  • The drivers behind the state of environment in any city standout clearly as follows; urban expansion, industrialization, diversification of human activity and population are the drivers in all environmental challenges. All these changes require attention and preplanning to stop and prevent environmental degradation and to protect human life, societies and future generation.


    The preplanning starts by completing an environmental assessment for the surrounding, air water and soil.  This task will be completed by completing set of surveys and analysis.


    Environmental Assessment

    Data environmental assessment and analysis will be based on the following surveys and assessment:


    Archaeology & Cultural Heritage



    Air Quality

    Terrestrial Ecology

    Marine Coastal Environment


    Solid Waste

    Surface water

    Traffic & Transportation

    Natural Hazards

    Land Use

    Public Health

    Energy & Climate Change


    These surveys will help understanding the current situation of the surrounding environment and identifying the missing data and gaps in understanding the full picture to complete the  state of environmental report. This report will have a full description for current environment state with risk a map book to identify the existing environmentally high risk areas.


    - State of the Environment

    - Map Book

    - Cost of Environmental Degradation

    - Environmental Degradation Report


    Environmental & Social Master Plan

    By completing the environmental assessment the environmental and social master planning will be completed by different response plans based on the client vision such as:


    Water response Plans

    Air Response Plans

    Waste Response Plans

    Land use Response Plan

    Energy and Climate Response Plan

    Outreach Program

    Cost Benefit Analysis Methodology

    Legal and Institutional Report

    Management Report


    Decision Makers Report

    This summary will conclude all outcomes and main issues to help decision makers in making the right decision for any future investment.

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