Most of the countries are looking for security of the supply of sustainable and affordable energy is at the top of the political agenda we offer an intelligent consultancy.


List of Services

Wind Energy-Due Diligence

Due Diligence Capability

Regulatory Approvals

Waste & Resources Management

Energy Management Consultancy Services

  • In terms of due diligence our team can provide expert advice through the stages of the project, working for vender, purchaser or the lender. We have the ability to assess aspects of the development such as:

    EIS obligations

    Planning Conditions

    Planning History

    Land Lease Support

  • Our experts can provide expert advice at all stages of the project. The range of services offered includes the following:


    - Landowner option agreement

    - Feasibility/EIA screening /EIA scoping check

    - Assessment of risks-planning, grid ….etc.



    - Site visit assessment

    - Layout reviews

    - Potential construction or operational risks

    - EIS commitment developer



    - Health and Safety

    - Environmental Management

  • Waste management facilities can be subject to regulatory approvals through the planning, waste licensing, waste permitting …etc.

    Besides preparing the required application we can provide the following operational support in fulfilling the requirements of the license/permit in variety of areas including:


    - Environmental monitoring (noise, air, water, ecology & waste)

    - Data management system

    - Quarterly & annual reporting

    - Development & Implementation of Environmental Management System

    - Baseline report

    - Energy Audits

    - Pollution Release & Transfer Register Reporting

  • MAB provide a wide range of service in the area waste 7 resources management including:

    - Strategic waste management advice

    - Contract Management

    - Due Diligence

    - Expert witness

    - Specialist technology advice

    Waste & resources management related services & skills include but are not limited to:

    - Strategic waste management advice and planning

    - Client representation

    - Contract management

    - Due Diligence

    - Specialist

    - Technology advice

    - Policy & strategy implementation support & advise

    - Life cycle analysis

    - Collection efficiency studies

    - Waste recycling and recovery advice

    - Environmental monitoring

    - Facility operation and maintenance (O&M) advice

    - Health & Safety

    - Waste to energy

  • - Building Energy Efficiency Assessment

    - Industries Energy Efficiency Assessment

    - Energy Auditing (Commercial, residential & industrial)

    - Design of Energy Management Master Program

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